4 Wheel Scooters

4 Wheel Scooters

4 Wheeled Scooters

Four wheel scooters have a wider wheel base than 3 wheel scooters due to there fourth wheel.  This design gives four wheel scooters greater stability over a variety of surfaces and terrain than there three wheel scooter counterparts.  Some larger 4 wheeled scooters have large knobby tires and higher gound clearance which makes them a great option for outdoor use.

Four wheeled electric mobility scooters are more difficult to use indoors compared to 3 wheeled mobility scooters because of there wider turning radius - more than 60 inches in some 4 wheel models.  

If one gets around fairly well in their home and plans to use their electric mobility scooter for mostly outdoor use then four wheeled scooters are an ideal choose for outdoor activities, and, with customizable upgrades such as upgraded seating, lighting and batteries, as well as, rear view mirrors you're new mobility scooter will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Distinquishing Feature:

  • Price Range: $999.00 - $3,999.00 or more
  • Up to 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 25 miles per battery charge
  • Turning raduis: 49 - 80 inches
  • Heaviest piece can weigh in excess of 45 lbs.

Benefits of a 4 Wheel Scooter:

  • Recommended for outdoor use
  • Handles slightly uneven rugged terrain
  • Higher speeds & travels longer on each battery charge 
  • Extensive deluxe options available

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