4 Wheel Travel Scooters

4 Wheel Travel Scooters

4 Wheel Travel Scooters

Four wheel travel scooters are slightly less maneuverable than 3 wheel travel scooters.  Most 4 wheel travel scooters have a tighter turning radius than full size 4 wheel scooters and even some full size 3 wheel scooters and can be an attractive option for daily use as an inside scooter.  With the added stability of a fourth wheel they are ideal for short trips to the grocery store, shopping mall and on vacation. 

Most 4 wheel travel scooters disassemble into 3 or more parts for easy transport in the hatch or trunk of a vehicle.  The heaviest piece can weigh approximately 52 pounds making it easy to manable for most people, however, if you lack sufficient upper body strenght to lift the heaviest piece on your own you may want to inlist the help of another person or consider getting a vehicle scooter lift.

Distinquishing features:

  • Price Range:  $669.00 - $1,599.00 or more
  • Up to 325 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 7 - 20 miles per battery charge
  • Turning radius: 38 - 51 inches
  • Heaviest piece weights between 29 - 52 lbs.

Benefits of a 4 wheel travel scooter:

  • Slightly larger than the 3 wheel travel scooter
  • Upgradeable seats on some models
  • Upgradeble amps & batteries on some models
  • More leg room on some models

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